Statistics shows that only 1% of listeners have problems with listening (03.03.2017). Every day this percentage tends to 0 (2 years ago it was 15-20%). The following describes what, how and why. Nothing complicated.


To listen radio all you need is modern browser. We recommend Firefox. Canceled support for HTTP/0.9 causes some Internet radio stations unplayable in Chromium based browsers, such as Google Chrome and Opera.
If your smartphone or tablet stops playing radio when a new tab is opened or when the device goes sleeping mode, update the browser. This quirk of some browsers has ceased to exist since the fall of 2016.


Connection to the stream and buffering takes some time, which depends on the stream bitrate and the bandwidth of your Internet connection. That is why radio can start playing not immediately. Wait a bit.
Most radio stations have multiple streams of broadcasting. Select the best stream for your Internet connection and the desired quality.

Possible problems

All streams are checked manually and automatically in the background. But there is nothing eternal and ideal. There is always the chance that at the moment when you want to listen to any radio, it does not play. Typ—ącal reasons:
  1. Old school browser,
  2. Slow speed of your Internet connection,
  3. Problems with the source.
As a rule, if the stream is presented in the catalog and not marked as unstable or absent, then the reason is number 1 or number 2, or number 3 for a short time.
  1. Update your browser,
  2. Stop your downloads if you have any,
  3. Check if another stations are OK,
  4. Try to switch to another stream of the desired station (if it is).

Why register?

Account on our website will allow you to use an option "Favorites", i.e. save your favorite stations in a separate list for fast access in the future, without having to search out.

Traffic flow

24 KBit/s = 3 KBait/s = 180 KBait/min = 10.5 MB/hour
32 KBit/s = 4 KBait/s = 240 KBait/min = 14 MB/hour
48 KBit/s = 6 KBait/s = 360 KBait/min = 21 MB/hour
56 KBit/s = 7 KBait/s = 420 KBait/min = 24.6 MB/hour
64 KBit/s = 8 KBait/s = 480 KBait/min = 28 MB/hour
72 KBit/s = 9 KBait/s = 560 KBait/min = 32.8 MB/hour
96 KBit/s = 12 KBait/s = 720 KBait/min = 42.2 MB/hour
128 KBit/s = 16 KBait/s = 960 KBait/min = 56.3 MB/hour
192 KBit/s = 24 KBait/s = 1440 KBait/min = 84.4 MB/hour
256 KBit/s = 32 KBait/s = 1920 KBait/min = 112.5 MB/hour
Enjoy your listening!
LaRadioFM team.
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