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1908 stations | page 48

Impuls FM

Hits of popular dance music.
Radio «Impuls FM» is broadcasting in Russian from Internet.
Listened: 936 since 27.09.2016 | ~ 38 a week.

In The Mix

2000′s to today with a splash of just about everything.
Radio «In The Mix» is broadcasting in English from USA, Phoenix.
Listened: 1 620 since 18.04.2016 | ~ 34 a week.

In the rhythm of 90s

Retro songs, music from your favorite cassettes – 2 Unlimited, Ace of base, Dr. Alban and more.
Radio «In the rhythm of 90s» is broadcasting in Russian from Russia, Novokuznetsk.
Listened: 25 768 since 10.04.2011 | ~ 83 a week.

In Viaggio con DiMaggio

Audioblog by Maurizio Di Maggio, a journalist, traveler and radio presenter of «Radio Monte Carlo» in Monaco. Here you′ll hear stories about his travels and ethnic music from all over the world.
Radio «In Viaggio con DiMaggio» is broadcasting in Italian from Monaco, Monte Carlo.
Listened: 12 since 15.02.2017 | ~ 3 a week.

Inception Radio Network

Inception Radio Network (IRN) strives to deliver the most riveting live entertainment in UFOlogy, Paranormal, Cryptids, and Conspiracy.
«Inception Radio Network» is broadcasting in English from USA, Chicago.
Listened: 22 087 since 09.09.2014 | ~ 167 a week.

Indie Folk Radio
country, ethno/folklore

Folk, Alt-Country and Americana music.
«Indie Folk Radio» is broadcasting in English from Greece, Athens.
Listened: 82 since 25.01.2017 | ~ 11 a week.

Indie Imagination Radio

Station plays music from the late 70s to the present, focusing on Indie, Britpop and Alternative and to a lesser extent New Wave, Shoegaze, Ska and (Post)-Punk. A selection of tracks with a good vibe from the CDs of the selected bands and artists.
«Indie Imagination Radio» is broadcasting in English, German and Dutch from Netherlands, Groningen.
Listened: 2 256 since 18.04.2016 | ~ 47 a week.

Indie Pop Rocks!

Here is Indie Pop, mostly performed by modern bands, less often hits performed by the classics of the genre.
Radio «Indie Pop Rocks!» is broadcasting in English from USA, San Francisco.
Listened: 10 918 since 07.04.2013 | ~ 53 a week.

IndieSpectrum Radio

IndieSpectrum only plays original music from independent artists that are performing live in Second Life.
«IndieSpectrum Radio» is broadcasting in English from Internet.
Listened: 13 736 since 10.04.2011 | ~ 45 a week.

IndiFun Radio
pop, retro, soundtrack, ethno/folklore

IndiFun Radio is an online Hindi radio station since 2009. All the latest hit music as well as evergreen favourite songs of yesteryears.
«IndiFun Radio» is broadcasting in Hindi from India, Dehli.
Listened: 4 272 since 18.02.2016 | ~ 75 a week.


Radio for those who are in the subject. Concerts on demand, radio shows, show business news.
Radio «Indigo» is broadcasting in Russian from Russia, Moscow.
Listened: 14 944 since 13.04.2011 | ~ 49 a week.


Hot novelties of Russian and foreign pop-music, nightly interactive programs.
Radio «Infiniti» is broadcasting in Russian from Russia, Verhnedneprovskiy.
Listened: 13 809 since 19.11.2013 | ~ 80 a week.

Ingush radio

Station broadcasts music hits of Ingushetia.
«Ingush radio» is broadcasting in Ingush from Russia, Krasnodar.
Listened: 7 840 since 22.04.2014 | ~ 52 a week.

pop, talk/news, ethno/folklore

Ingushetia FM radio station. Regional and world news, thematic programs.
Radio «Ingushetiya» is broadcasting in Ingush and Russian from Russia, Magas.
Listened: 3 since 28.02.2017 | ~ 1 a week.


Radio for friends.
«INMAC Radio» is broadcasting in Russian from Russia, Novosibirsk.
Listened: 10 since 02.03.2017 | ~ 4 a week.

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