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Latino, Retro

Latin music of the 60s, 70s and 80s, as well as music of Salvadoran artists.

Radio «» is broadcasting in Spanish from El Salvador, San Miguel.
Listened: 24 since 13.11.2018 | ~ 1 a week.

Cleansing 50′s


From bebop to silky smooth renditions, this decade crooned every part of life.

Radio «Cleansing 50′s» is broadcasting in English from USA, Salt Lake City.
Listened: 72 since 02.05.2019 | ~ 1 a week.


Multi-genre, Retro

Station plays all the hits and more.

«AllsortsHitsRadio» is broadcasting in English from UK, Milton Keynes.
Listened: 106 since 27.06.2017 | ~ 1 a week.


Pop, Retro

Electronic music, mixes and remixes of popular hits.

Radio «ElectroMix68» is broadcasting in French and English from France, Bollwiller.
Listened: 18 since 21.10.2019 | ~ 1 a week.

Radio Dimensione Mix


70s, 80s, 90s, Top 40.

«Radio Dimensione Mix» is broadcasting in Italian from Canada, Toronto.
Listened: 113 since 17.07.2018 | ~ 1 a week.


Multi-genre, Retro

Pearls of the fifty-year history of music.

«DELUXE MUSIC RADIO» is broadcasting in German from Germany, Landshut.
Listened: 23 since 10.12.2017 | ~ 1 a week.


Multi-genre, Retro

Hits of the past and present.

Radio «Hits4All» is broadcasting in Dutch and English from Canada, Victoria.
Listened: 21 since 17.04.2019 | ~ 1 a week.

Plumtree Radio


All the greatest hits from the 50s to the 80s.

«Plumtree Radio» is broadcasting in English from USA, Oregon City.
Listened: 87 since 05.12.2018 | ~ 1 a week.

StarHit 1 FM

Pop, Retro

We play only songs from the past 4 decades and today. The songs had to have a top 10 position. That′s why you hear only the finest music here. We make your feet move!

Radio «StarHit 1 FM» is broadcasting in English and German from Canada, Saskatoon.
Listened: 99 since 10.01.2018 | ~ 1 a week.


Retro, Ethno/Folklore

Flemish and Dutch music.

«Webradioexpress» is broadcasting in Dutch from Belgium, Anderlecht.
Listened: 19 since 02.10.2019 | ~ 1 a week.



Pop, 70s, 80s, 90s, Oldies.

Radio «Andromedarise» is broadcasting in English from Chile, Santiago.
Listened: 22 since 30.03.2020 | ~ 1 a week.

Magic Soul

Retro, RnB/Soul

The Best of Soul and Motown.

Radio «Magic Soul» is broadcasting in English from UK, London.
Listened: 7 since 24.11.2019 | ~ 1 a week.



Retro web radio.

Radio «MINI 3» is broadcasting in Dutch from Belgium, Ghent.
Listened: 37 since 17.12.2019 | ~ 1 a week.

Absolute Radio 90s

Talk/News, Retro

The UK′s 90s radio station.

«Absolute Radio 90s» is broadcasting in English from UK, London.
Listened: 12 since 20.11.2019 | ~ 1 a week.



All these 60s hits again.

Radio «60XL» is broadcasting in English from Romania, Bucharest.
Listened: 81 since 16.07.2018 | ~ 1 a week.

Funky Town

Retro, RnB/Soul

Funk, Soul, Disco, 70s.

Radio «Funky Town» is broadcasting in English from France, Paris.
Listened: 67 since 15.01.2018 | ~ 1 a week.


Multi-genre, Retro

Music of various genres – from Bach to Abba.

«RadioBengel» is broadcasting in Russian from Ukraine, Kiev.
Listened: 31 since 15.11.2017 | ~ 1 a week.

Radio Den′

Pop, Retro

Entertainment radio, designed not only to brighten the everyday work the listeners listeners, but also to be a bright soundtrack of any holiday or weekend.

«Radio Den′» is broadcasting in Russian from Russia, Moscow.
Listened: 168 since 29.01.2017 | ~ 1 a week.

Day Dee Eurodance


DayDee Eurodance Radio is online radio station started 2019. Playing 24/7 Eurodance Hits and Non hits. All the hits for all the musical fun is related to the theme of Day Dee Eurodance.

Radio «Day Dee Eurodance» is broadcasting in English from Germany, Frankfurt am Main.
Listened: 53 since 03.09.2019 | ~ 1 a week.

Radio Nostalgia


Radio Nostalgia – A musical journey through the era of the 78 RPM record (1900-1958). Jazz, American and Dutch hits, French chansons, German schlagers & British dance bands.

«Radio Nostalgia» is broadcasting in Dutch from Netherlands, Amsterdam.
Listened: 43 since 14.10.2019 | ~ 1 a week.
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