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Frecuencia Indie
latino/afro, metal, rock

Station plays Indie Rock, Alternative, Metal, Experimental Rock and Nova Trova.
Radio «Frecuencia Indie» is broadcasting in Spanish and English from Puerto Rico, Mayaguez.
Listened: 3 479 since 24.02.2015 | ~ 38 a week.

Freemotions Radio

Station plays the best of Italian music.
«Freemotions Radio» is broadcasting in Italian from USA, Lancaster.
Listened: 2 569 since 16.02.2016 | ~ 61 a week.


The best Funk, Soul and Disco music of 70s and 80s.
«Freeradiofunk» is broadcasting in English from USA, New York City.
Listened: 3 882 since 25.05.2016 | ~ 139 a week.


Station plays various music: from French popular music and Trance to Rock, Ragga and Zouk.
«FREQUENCE DANCE RADIO» is broadcasting in French from France, Aureilhan.
Listened: 5 700 since 08.04.2015 | ~ 66 a week.

Frequency 5 FM Hits
club, pop

Station plays top 40, electronic music, house, and party anthems.
Radio «Frequency 5 FM Hits» is broadcasting in English from Canada, Toronto.
Listened: 4 369 since 17.03.2015 | ~ 49 a week.


Irkutsk city infotainment radio. News, games, various music.
Radio «FRESH» is broadcasting in Russian from Russia, Irkutsk.
Listened: 4 161 since 21.10.2014 | ~ 38 a week.

Fresh radio

Russian music, fresh songs, news, entertainment programms.
«Fresh radio» is broadcasting in Russian from Russia, Moscow.
Listened: 17 177 since 06.05.2011 | ~ 59 a week.

FreshRock Internet Radio

A non-profit radio station, broadcasting Rock, Alternative and Bard Rock. Radio allows the beginning rock performers to become better known among fans of rock.
«FreshRock Internet Radio» is broadcasting in Russian from Russia, Moscow.
Listened: 16 867 since 17.10.2013 | ~ 103 a week.


Station plays classic hits of all genres.
«FTRadio» is broadcasting in English from UK, London.
Listened: 16 231 since 09.07.2014 | ~ 129 a week.

Fun Tower Radio

You’ll hear songs that you’ll never hear on corporate terrestrial radio. You’ll also hear all of those legendary jingles from the 60s, 70s and 80s, and lots of listener interaction
«Fun Tower Radio» is broadcasting in English from USA, Newington.
Listened: 9 823 since 01.05.2014 | ~ 73 a week.

Furry FM
metal, rock

An official Swiss registred radio station for the German and English furry community.
Radio «Furry FM» is broadcasting in English and German from Switzerland, Zurich.
Listened: 254 since 17.11.2016 | ~ 87 a week.

Gagauz Radiosu
pop, ethno/folklore

Gagauz infotainment radio. Hits of Russian pop music, Gagauz modern and folk songs.
«Gagauz Radiosu» is broadcasting in Russian, Gagauz and Moldovan from Moldova, Comrat.
Listened: 11 487 since 26.10.2014 | ~ 104 a week.

GAIA Prime Radio

Background music for your life: an eclectic mix of New Age, Celtic, and World Music.
«GAIA Prime Radio» is broadcasting in English from USA, Northborough.
Listened: 10 526 since 24.02.2014 | ~ 73 a week.

Galaxie FM 95.3

Electronic music madio from the North of France. House, Trance, Techno, Progressive, Club, Drum′N′Bass, Retro, Hardcore, Hardstyle, Ambient, Downtempo.
Radio «Galaxie FM 95.3» is broadcasting in French from France, Wattrelos.
Listened: 14 857 since 28.09.2012 | ~ 68 a week.

Garage Lombus

Station plays various music genres, such as Rock, Soul, Reggae, Punk, Post-punk etc.
Radio «Garage Lombus» is broadcasting in Turkish and English from Turkey, Ankara.
Listened: 711 since 29.09.2016 | ~ 71 a week.

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