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Online Radio starting with letter «F»
34 stations
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jazz/blues, rock

St. Petersburg city Internet radio. News of the city, the variety of thematic programs. Rock, jazz, swing and all related genres.
Radio «» is broadcasting in Russian from Russia, St. Petersburg.
Listened: 25 018 since 29.04.2014 | ~ 171 a week.


Station plays classic hits of all genres.
«FTRadio» is broadcasting in English from UK, London.
Listened: 17 478 since 09.07.2014 | ~ 129 a week.


The best Funk, Soul and Disco music of 70s and 80s.
«Freeradiofunk» is broadcasting in English from USA, New York City.
Listened: 4 842 since 25.05.2016 | ~ 126 a week.

Flashback Alternatives

The Past, Present, and Future of Classic Alternative Music. Flashback Alternatives plays all your Classic Alternative favorites, plus rarities, and obscure tracks.
Radio «Flashback Alternatives» is broadcasting in English from USA, Middletown.
Listened: 27 233 since 10.07.2012 | ~ 114 a week.

FreshRock Internet Radio

A non-profit radio station, broadcasting Rock, Alternative and Bard Rock. Radio allows the beginning rock performers to become better known among fans of Rock.
«FreshRock Internet Radio» is broadcasting in Russian from Ukraine, Lugansk.
Listened: 17 818 since 17.10.2013 | ~ 103 a week.


Hot novelties from the world of popular music.
Radio «FlexX5» is broadcasting in Russian from Russia, Novosibirsk.
Listened: 1 952 since 20.09.2016 | ~ 91 a week.

Fun Tower Radio

You’ll hear songs that you’ll never hear on corporate terrestrial radio. You’ll also hear all of those legendary jingles from the 60s, 70s and 80s, and lots of listener interaction
«Fun Tower Radio» is broadcasting in English from USA, Newington.
Listened: 10 499 since 01.05.2014 | ~ 72 a week.

Frecuencia 5 FM Tu Radio

Station plays the best tropical music: Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Bachata.
«Frecuencia 5 FM Tu Radio» is broadcasting in Spanish from Canada, Toronto.
Listened: 6 909 since 17.03.2015 | ~ 69 a week.

First Class Radio
relax, romantic

Sexy Smooth and Romantic Radio. Lust from A to Z.
«First Class Radio» is broadcasting in Portuguese from Portugal, Lisbon.
Listened: 732 since 06.12.2016 | ~ 69 a week.

ForTheLoveOfMusic radio

The best and new Alternative, Rock, Pop, Dance, Metal and everything else.
«ForTheLoveOfMusic radio» is broadcasting in English from Netherlands, Leeuwarden.
Listened: 2 589 since 25.05.2016 | ~ 68 a week.


Station plays various music: from French popular music and Trance to Rock, Ragga and Zouk.
«FREQUENCE DANCE RADIO» is broadcasting in French from France, Aureilhan.
Listened: 6 066 since 08.04.2015 | ~ 63 a week.

Folk Forward

Contemporary indie folk music. A modern take on classic folk music, with occasional appearances by the classic masters.
Radio «Folk Forward» is broadcasting in English from USA, San Francisco.
Listened: 11 745 since 07.04.2013 | ~ 59 a week.

Freemotions Radio

Station plays the best of Italian music.
«Freemotions Radio» is broadcasting in Italian from USA, Lancaster.
Listened: 3 056 since 16.02.2016 | ~ 59 a week.

Forever Christmas Radio
multi-genre, religious

Christmas Music Mix 24/7.
«Forever Christmas Radio» is broadcasting in English from Canada, Ajax.
Listened: 667 since 24.11.2016 | ~ 55 a week.


Pop, Eurodance, Electro, hits of the 90s.
Radio «FLYFM» is broadcasting in Ukrainian from Ukraine, Kharkov.
Listened: 16 079 since 05.05.2011 | ~ 54 a week.

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  Crimean Tatar
  Haitian Creole

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